Sunday, 13 May 2012

Post Resignation


Day 1 recap - as per my previous post I experienced the following feelings;
  1. Apprehension
  2. Numbness
  3. Unsure, have I made the right decision?
  4. Loss of good stable income
  5. The unknown, what if I fail?
  6. What happens if my studies don’t succeed and I go into a job that I don’t want to do? (Income less, not happy).
Day 2 
I began to feel more at ease with my decision.  A lot of the apprehension that was felt on day 1 had mellowed although not disappeared completely.  Nonetheless it was only a minimal thought and there was a near inner peace with the decision.

Day 3-4
At this stage I was feeling excited about the opportunities that would present itself from skewing off the path which only a week earlier had been clearly defined.  However, there is still cautious optimism because of the need that money is required to support this quest.
Other thoughts and feelings were;
  • Plan to succeed, no matter what the income is-as long as I enjoy it!
  • End of an era for me, and I will miss the people who I have worked with over the years.
  • I will miss the company as well because that is all I know, although in some respects it has also pigeonholed me and now I have broken free from the hold.
  • What will people think when I say that I'm not working and instead am studying?  Loss of 'status' that came from a good position, important work.
  • I am very appreciative of the supportive comments that my colleagues made of my decision.  They are not surprised that I have decided to head into a different direction and believe that it suits me.
  • I will miss the 'influence' of my position, and the respect that I have built up with my colleagues.
A little emotional during the farewell speech, but sucked it up.  I know that I will see a majority of these people again whether in person or on line.  There in a way was a feeling of relief that the last day had now arrived and was closed so that I could now focus my attention on the future.  Lots of drinks with my ex-colleagues after work celebrating the good times, the interesting times, the laughs.  Although to be fair after a alcoholic lunch which led to late night - my memory is a little hazy.

Well I have been accepted into a full time University course to follow my new direction in life.  This is exactly what I want to do and is due to start in two weeks time.  It has been one week since I finished up with the company and I did feel guilty during the first week that I was not working.  I felt that I should be working.  Probably for that matter I kept busy with preparing for study.  I was reading a lot of material to get a start on what I will be learning.  I have also been attending global conferences which support this career direction - so there hasn't really been much rest.  
Of course, it is nice to have the ability to go to the local cafe when the weather is nice to enjoy a latte and not have to be locked into a 9-5 role :).

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